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Have you ever dreamed of throwing the grandest event but didn't know where to start? Are you looking for an event planner to plan your wedding or corporate party? Captivating Events by Chi can help you!


Event planning can be so overwhelming! Finding the perfect location, planning the details, coordinating vendors and decor, and preparing food and drinks is too much! That is different when you hire Chiquita, the DMV area's premier event planner with experience in luxury event management services.


We offer personalized event planning services that are certain to make your gathering an occasion to remember and with some of the best amenities in the DMV area. We are also one of the only planners intimately aware of our client's specific tastes, interests, and cultures.


When done right, events have the potential to create a stronger bond with your community, network with other businesses, and strengthen your company's brand.


No matter what kind of event you want to throw or how big it needs to be, our vast experience allows us to provide high-quality service at affordable prices. 

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Community Events 

We offer personalized community event management services that go above and beyond expectations with quality event coordination. We want to be a hub of awesomeness where people come together to celebrate. We know that events allow us all to come together- and we want to make it worth it!


We offer top-of-line community event planning services in the DMV area and provide entertainment options for events such as talent shows, block parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and church events. Together, we will find out what will make your event special. Let us turn any day into an experience!

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Day Party

Host a fabulous day party without all of the stress. Our team at Captivating Events by Chi is here to provide you with a complimentary, luxurious day party planning service. We can do everything from invitation design and care of your guest list to creating an elegant atmosphere and booking catering services. 


We have been a great asset to small and large scale businesses, social gatherings, christenings, graduations, family get-togethers, and birthdays with unique offerings in event planning services in the DMV area. 


We are best known for our customized day party planning and design coordination tailored to meet specific client needs and goals, as well as our experience in dealing with various party styles such as fashion parties, beauty events, corporate events, etc.; that's why we're getting even more famous day-by-day! If you want us to plan your next-day party, schedule a complimentary consultation with us.

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Whether you're hosting an intimate family brunch, a fun birthday bash for friends, or a lavish gala in honor of your pet chinchilla, Chi Events is here to make sure everything goes smoothly at your brunch and without any stress. With us on your side, planning events that are sure to impress all of your guests will be easier than ever before.


Brunch is great for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. But let's be honest: We can enjoy brunch just about any day of the week, whether we're celebrating something or not. There are ways to optimize your experience when you do brunch, just like most things in life. Our goal is to help you have a luxurious experience every time.

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Private Event Planning Services

Our private event management services can be customized to fit your specific tastes, personality, and desired theme. We will handle it to the very last detail, so you don't have to worry about a thing on your special day. We are the best in the DMV area, but we are also committed to making sure our clients' private events are top-notch from start to finish.


We have had years of experience in private event management. Event planning is our passion, and we take great pride in our work. We are here to create luxurious private events, host events, community gatherings, and trip retreats for black and brown communities and corporates in the DMV area.

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