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The Realities of Black Employment

When one is asked to imagine Washington, D.C., they may think of museums, monuments, the White House, and a bustling Capitol Hill. With the commotion of suit-clad professionals filling the streets of downtown D.C. throughout the week and the diverse group of self-proclaimed hipsters who frequent areas such as Union Market on the weekends, it can be hard to believe that the District is home to the highest African American unemployment rate.

Sadly, this is also the truth for many other major cities. In Detroit, MI a 2018 report stated that the black unemployment rate was 8.7%, much higher than that of white residents. Detroit also happens to be the hometown of Chiquita Jackson, founder of Chiquita Jackson Enterprise. Witnessing the harsh effects of African American unemployment in her hometown, Chiquita made it her mission to one day make a difference not only in her native community but for underrepresented people all over. As Chiquita matriculated through college, she was blessed to be able to secure internships and employment. However, she was aware that those same opportunities were not accessible to many of her peers and other young black men and women. It was not the lack of opportunities present and unqualified talent, but rather the fact that many underrepresented communities do not receive advanced career readiness support.

How can one know how to properly format a resume or the necessity of a cover letter, the two things guaranteed to make or break your chances of being able to secure an interview, when they have never been taught? Sure, Google can provide some help, but the millions of search results can be overwhelming even for the seasoned professional. Professional career coaching services can cost hundreds of dollars, which is simply unrealistic for many to be able to afford.

Chiquita Jackson

Chiquita decided to create the change she envisioned, and on February 1st, 2020 she launched Chiquita Jackson Enterprise where she offers affordable professional resources such as resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile development, interview coaching, and professional consulting. In addition, Chiquita also conducts Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training. Here on the blog, you can find career-related articles written by Chiquita and other young professionals as well as information about not only company events, but those in the greater community.

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