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The Interview Starter Kit

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

How do you prepare for an interview?

In addition to your resume, a strong prep session for your next interview can be of great benefit to strengthen your candidacy. Here's a look into five tips you can use to kill your next interview and impress recruiters when you prepare in advance!

1. Draft an interview prep-sheet for the position.

The best method to prepare for an interview is to write out a plan.

Your interview prep-sheet should include the position description, summaries of your experience, and questions to ask recruiters and your answers to questions they may have for you. Be sure to pull specific requirements from the job description and connect a specific project from one of your previous experiences. Practice the way you will answer these questions in the mirror or with a friend.

2. Prepare a list of 5 strong questions to ask.

The questions you ask should reflect your interest in the position beyond how much the job pays. Show the recruiter exactly how you will thrive in the role by asking questions about the company's values, how the company usually responds to emergencies or unexpected occurrences, and what new projects or trends they expect to implement into their strategies.

3. Be energetic!

We understand the pandemic has drained all our energy, but there's something refreshing about starting over and being introduced to something new. A fresh environment that a new job can be so beneficial in restoring motivation. When preparing for the interview, show the recruiter that you’re thrilled to work for their company. Your enthusiasm will shine through when you speak with excitement.

4. Explain your most recent role and achievements.

Speak about what you’re currently doing in your role and why it matters. You want to make sure your experience is recent. If you do not have any recent experience that relates, think of alternatives you can do before the interview. For example, highlight a certification or course you recently completed that shows your knowledge of a specific skill the role requires.

5. Connect your experience to the job description

It is not enough to simply mention a project you've worked on, but speak about the process, the strategy, the result, and why you're proud of what you've accomplished. Really show the recruiter how your efforts helped you achieve the company's goal and then let them know how you can do the same for the position.

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