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How To dress for a Virtual Interview

For years, there has been a standard for how job seekers should dress for interviews

and job fairs. Now that many companies are adapting to virtual interviews, it’s

time to adjust the way you dress for virtual interviews.

More and more millennials are taking over the workplace, and it shows through the dress attire. While it's important to be presentable at work, it's also important to remain authentic in who you are.

For many black and brown professionals, there is nothing wrong with being you at your job, as long as you are presentable. While it is important to be yourself, there are a few general guidelines that should be followed when dressing for a virtual interview.

Here are some do’s and don'ts to prepare for a virtual job interview:

Stylin' or Wylin'? (Hair Do’s and Don’ts)

Flaunting your natural hair has become more popular in the professional space and we want you to look and feel your very best when interviewing virtually. Black hair is beautiful and should be accepted as a professional hairstyle to wear in the workplace. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with natural hair. We love all black hair types and hairstyles, and know that it can be a lot to maintain upkeep.

Do's: Maintain proper upkeep of your fro by moisturizing, freshly re-twisting locks and paying your barber or stylist a visit.

Don'ts: Wear your nighttime scarf or durag to the interview. Make sure your waves are on swim in time for the interview, just without the durag.

Stylin' or Wylin'? (Clothing)

Virtual interviews have become more widespread with the pandemic and some companies have been more relaxed in their interview clothing. When deciding what to wear to a virtual interview for a non-profit, consider the company and the position you’re applying for. Non-profit organizations sometimes have a more relaxed environment than corporate settings and depending on the company, more relaxed attire can be worn.

Attire for some non-profit job interviews can range from button-up shirts to graphic tees with statements about equality and social justice. It’s recommended to research the company before interviewing.

Do's: In your search for the company’s mission statement and history, also look at photos of how employees at the company are dressed. Nonetheless, your relaxed attire should still be appropriate enough to interview.

Don'ts: Wear clothing with inappropriate language or that contains holes. Clothing should still be appropriate, even in relaxed work environments.

More Tips for Virtual Interviews

  • Hair should be presentable, whether you have 4C hair, locks, or wearing your natural afro.

  • Look like you care and have given effort to look nice.

  • Facial hair should be trimmed.

Non-Profit virtual interviews:

  • Wear a graphic shirt that does not include inappropriate language or images.

  • Relaxed clothing does not mean wearing clothing with holes.

  • Wear clothing that is similar to the flow of your team members and the style of the company.

Corporate virtual interviews: -

  • Wear a nice sweater, blouse or blazer with collared shirt and vest

  • A business casual sweater goes a long way.

  • Button-up long-sleeve dress shirts are less formal than a full-suit but can work for virtual interviews.

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