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George Floyd Changed The World and Reshaped Racial Equity

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

"I can't breathe."

- George Floyd's Last Words

I can’t breathe…. I can’t breathe” the last words that George Floyd yelled as Derek

Chauvin and colleagues ignored Floyd's plea to live. This incident changed the world

that we see today and if you ask, justice for killings of African-Americans was long overdue.

On May 25th, 2020, the life of George Floyd was taken from him by Derek Chauvin. It’s tiring for many of us to continue to hear about Black people being senselessly murdered due to the color of our skin. Black people should be able to live comfortably in their skin each day without the fear of a life shortened due to police brutality.

Systematic suppression has had a history of preventing Black communities across the nation from speaking out, especially for events such as the bombing of the 1921 Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK. However, the recent death of George Floyd ignited a new generation of social activists who are frustrated with each death wavering the same result . After countless riots, protests, and the historic presidential election, it appears many companies have begun to open their eyes to reality.

Recent actions show signs that American citizens are no longer reaching for the bandaid and searching for a potential cure to racial injustice. At its core, pushing for diversity, equity, and inclusion are huge aspects of combating the process of eliminating one-sided oppression.

Access to better job opportunities, education and living conditions for people of color begin with destroying the current social construct.

Oppression alone isn't just the cause of the problem, systematic racism also plays an important role in why many people in the black community have been neglected, ignored, and pushed to the back in the workforce. In 2021, policymakers have created recovery plans that are working to bridge the racial wealth gap and address the ever-so-expanding gap in access to job opportunities. Many of the recent recovery packages involve plans which address systematic racism head-on in the economy.

African Americans have experienced occupational segregation and exploitation since the beginning of the Black Community’s existence in the U.S. The legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, and the New Deal have continued to linger into the modern-day oppression of Black people in America. As a result, Black people end up in undervalued occupations, institutionalized racial disparities in wages, and employment discrimination.

Companies such as Nike, Wendys, Airbnb, Uber and Microsoft have openly supported the Black Lives Matter movement. The thought that Black citizens have to die on national television before companies consider recognizing a vibrant population of people with so much potential and talent is excruciating.

Amongst the disproportionate ratio of Black and white professionals in the office space, and the type of jobs African Americans have had to endure to make ends meet, literal death has been one of the most impactful and hurtful. When you consider the majority make up of employment at fast-food restaurants, taxi cabs, agricultural jobs, maids, or honestly any unfavorable positions that don't allow growth of generational wealth building, you will see that these positions are almost always held by minorities.

In reality, many Black professionals in America can ask themselves, 'how many times have I been more than qualified, interviewed, well- received, and still didn’t get the job?'. The broadcast of George Floyd’s murder fixated the eyes of many and rebellions have forced those in power to create ACTUAL change to acknowledge what it means to devalue human life when your skin is black. When someone is killed on camera for the world to see, it becomes almost impossible and too real to just ignore. Black people in America should NEVER be murdered in this manner.

CJE Consulting, founded by Chiquita Jackson, was established to combat and address social injustice for Black people and other communities of color. Witnessing her close relatives being objectified by relying on government assistance due to being impacted by systematic and racial injustice, she wanted to cultivate a plan to empower and generate financial security for her community.

After careful study of her communities to discover what resources were actively made available to minorities, she soon realized those resources were designed to control poverty, but not to dismantle it. Chiquita's research findings provided her with the determination to find effective solutions that prepare her community and surrounding for career readiness and financial security. With a focus on low-income communities and Black and brown audiences, CJE Career Consulting serves as a professional resource that provides access to millennials who have grown tired of being overlooked for professional opportunities.

Whether you're currently unemployed or looking to elevate and change careers, CJE Consulting is here to prove that our community is more than capable of holding positions of power into corporate America, and not be subjected to occupations in professional sports or entertainment. We are the CEOs, business owners, surgeons, and Chief Executives that can, and WILL change the trajectory of this country.


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