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Benefits Of Hiring a Career Consultant

Congratulations in advance on your new job! Let’s speak it into existence.

Beginning your career or changing careers is something you should definitely be proud of. Truth is, it isn't always the easiest to do. If you are reading this, more than likely you’ve spent plenty of time revamping and editing on your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, or scrolling through countless job descriptions. This process can be very exhausting and cause plenty of frustration in the search for your dream job. Some days it feels as though you’re making real progress and some days you feel as if you haven't accomplished anything.

We fully understand the back-and-forth emotions job seekers go through and surprisingly, most of these emotions can be resolved with one simple solution, hiring a Career Consultant. Did you know that working with a professional that can assist you hands-on with the career process actually increases your chances of landing a job in the industry of your choice?

So what are the benefits of working with a Career Consultant?

1. Learn New Strategies in an Ever-changing Workforce

The work environment is constantly changing, and to succeed, one has to keep up with the many softwares and trending skills in their industry. Aside from direct career assistance, part of a Career Consultant’s job is to be knowledgeable of new software and skills that are vital to your industry. Career Consultants reduce the time it takes for job seekers to search for programs that are beneficial to their industry.

2. Assistance With Identifying Your Value

Career Consultants have a knack for helping job seekers identify and embrace their strengths. These strengths are later used to best communicate your value and experience, in order to help secure the job that best fits you. Your value proposition shows recruiters why you are a good potential hire. Learning your strengths and qualities associated with those strengths can make or break your performance in interviews. Having additional feedback on your resume and skills from a professional can be extremely transformative.

3. Strengthen Your Resume

Your resume is your crowning glory when it comes to the job search. Updating your resume with your most recent job isn’t enough. There’s a strategy to it. In addition to your experience, Career Consultants are experts at tailoring your resume with the appropriate components including keywords to that trigger and bypass the electronic algorithm, language that directly communicates your skills and how to utilized what you learned in your roles to grab recruiters attention, and the correct format to make information on your resume easy to digest.

4. Learn More About Your Potential Career Growth

The trajectory of your career is most likely to be one of the most common concerns job seekers tend to have. Being proactive and knowing how far you can go in your industry is extremely important for overall growth in your career. Career Consultants are knowledgeable of various fields and can inform job seekers of the highest position available in their role.

5. Establish Your Goals

Career Consultants can help to create a plan to get you to your desired end goal. Whether you want to be a Director or CEO of a company, Career Consultants can help you develop a plan of action to reach your goals. For most professionals that are unsure of what they want to do or are unaware of how to navigate to a specific role, Career Consultants work with you to help you discover what your goal is.

6. Networking

Since Career Consultants work across a variety of fields, they tend to have many connections with professionals across an array of industries. Job seekers usually begin their career at entry level and as time continues, grow into higher roles. Career Consultants work with professionals at all levels of their professional careers and are great to utilize to meet others in similar industries. Think of them as networking hubs.

7. Gain Skills That Last a Lifetime

Since Career Consultants work with a variety of professionals, they typically are knowledgeable of which skills are best suited for job seekers to gain access to higher positions. Working directly with a consultant, you learn many skills that are essential in helping you achieve your career goals.

8. The Relationship With a Consultant is More Than Just A Job

Career Consultants get personal. The relationships you can develop with them are more than a surface-level one. Confiding in a professional about the things you want to accomplish in your life is a huge responsibility because the assistance can determine just how quickly you’re able to reach new levels or transfer industries.

9. Interview Prep

Everyone believes they’re fairly good at interviewing. However, Career Consultants are literal resources to utilize when preparing for interviews. No matter how many you have done, job interviews can be very intimidating, especially for recent college graduates or those looking to

elevate their careers. Hiring a Career Consultant gives you the opportunity to practice in real time with someone that will provide valuable feedback and additional insight on how you can further optimize your interviewing strategy.

10. We Help You Craft and Tell Your Story

Landing a new job extends beyond your resume. Recruiters and hiring managers want to get to know the person behind the resume, and what makes you tick. Some job seekers tend to struggle telling their stories in fear that revealing too much information to recruiters will turn them away. However, when you hire a Career Consultant, you gain experience in knowing how to properly communicate your story and own it.

Your story has power, but how you tell your story can be even more powerful. What happened? What did you learn from it and how are you using what you learned to solve a problem?

There is value in your journey and everything involving knowing how to communicate the ups and downs can determine whether you’ll be a great fit for the position you desire. CJE can help you to discover the value in your story through crafting elements of your personal and professional brand.

CJE Consulting offers a variety of career plans and carefully works with job seekers at all levels of their career. By working with our expert Career Consultant, job seekers will be able to create an actionable plan that will not only assist with the job search process, but provide confidence needed along the way. Connect with CJE today!

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