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Business Development Services

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Did you know businesses can increase their chances of growth by              when they have a business plan in place?


Develop a Plan-of-Action For Your Business

Businesses benefit greatly when a plan is put in place to streamline growth, expand its members, and scale for increased profitability and sustainability.

Starting from the bottom

For emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to begin a business and are in need of guidance through the LLC process

Business Analysis & Value Targeting

Vision and Strategy Development

Product and Service Innovation

Assistance with LLC Process



We Got You - Virtual assistance

Help with the your to-do list

Data Entry

Format Documents

Schedule Management


Professional Development Consulting

Project Management Support

Help you with Hiring for open positions in your company

We also offer WE GOT YOU- Pay as you go for $75 per week


** additional fees may be associated with the services provided



Monthly Agreement

Perfect for small businesses who needs additional support and assistance with managing the business operations

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diversity & culture workspace

A comprehensive training course for businesses looking to find ways to retain their minority employees and are in need of strategies to attract diverse talent

Leader, Culture, & Team Effectiveness Training

Organizational Communications Training

Organizational Change Management Training



You create this vision now it’s time to be smart and Trademark your business name

Trademark protects your brand and sales from consumer confusion and provides you with legality of rights to your brand.

Trademark Your Business



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Newsletter Graphic-Virtual Interview (4)