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Brand YOURself Consulting

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Brand Consultants are defined by their ability to take initiative and direct their clients to perform at their highest capability.

Build The Leaders of Tomorrow, Today!

Rising talents benefit in each level of the pipeline when provided with the proper tools and guidance to succeed. Our Brand Development Consulting service train and develop effective outcomes for your brand to become recognized.

Brand Creation

Brand Management

Brand Strategy & Insight

  • Logo Creation

  • Website Design 

  • Press Kit

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Digital Insights & Analytics

  • Branded Content w/ custom graphic design

  • Email Marketing 

  • Pay Per Click / Google ads

  • Brand Positioning & Value Proposition

  • Brand Portfolio Strategy

  • Market Opportunity Identification

  • Market Segmentation

Brand YOURself Package 



per Week

Get started with developing your brand!

This plan provides insight into the various personal brand styles to determine which style best suits your performance 


Develop clients’ capacity to monitor and modify behavior 


Provide feedback to leaders to that will assist them in assimilating into roles with

of increased responsibility requirements 

Services included:

- Social Media Management

- Brand Creation

-Brand Strategy & Insight

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per Month

Social media management helps you get ahead and provides MORE exposure to your target audience.


Services included:

- customized 10 graphic designs including captions per month

-Marketing target optimization

-Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads

Social media management