From my experience as a community advocate and through personal journeys, I came to realize that the key to our society's progress is providing access for the voices of those in underrepresented communities to be heard. Throughout my academic career, I have served these communities and have continues to strengthen their voices by providing access to professional resources for job placement.

CEO + Founder

 A dedicated Career & RDEI Specialist,  Chiquita Jackson earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Sociology at the Columbia College of Missouri and is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Legal Studies at the University of Baltimore.  Upon completion of her Master's, Chiquita plans to complete a post-graduate certificate in Community Leadership at the University of Baltimore County. As a rising leader and Detroit native, she is an experienced advocate for civil rights and liberties, where her passion lies in serving underrepresented communities through economic access to professional resources and career development services.

Throughout her experience, Chiquita has interned for several elected officials, including Kansas's first African-American state Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D-KS), the youngest state Rep Jewell Jones (D-MI), and U.S Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD). During her time with Sen. Cardin, she assisted in drafting congressional floor statements for Black History Month and the centennial anniversary of

Women's Suffrage.

Chiquita continued her advocacy mission by drafting public policy recommendations with well-known organizations such as The Aspen Institute and The Leadership Conference. Her dedication to fighting for social justice has been proved by serving as the inaugural

IGNITE National Detroit Fellow, where she curated safe spaces for young women to learn politics and increase their involvement.


Aside from her professional involvement in political environments, her membership in programs that directly advocate for marginalized and underrepresented communities include Young People For (YP4), B.A. Women Alliance, PLEN (Public Leadership Education Network), and the Henry Clay Institute.

Since June 2021, Chiquita has served as a Board of Directors for Light of Africa, promoting economic access to communities in disenfranchised areas throughout Africa. In addition, in January 2022, she served as the Co-Training Director for Rising Organizers. This advocacy organization provides training and support to entry-level organizers, activists, and community leaders to help create a pathway to paid organizing work.

Chiquita plans to support her commitment to social justice through the pursuit of obtaining her law degree and becoming a civil rights attorney, and eventually running for Senate, and serve as the U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

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Thomas Tabbs
Chief Operating Officer

Thomas is CJE's Chief Operating Officer who oversees the company's operations and the work of the executives. He believes that underrepresented communities deserve access to achieve generational wealth and upward mobility. Thomas has worked with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services for over seven years where he mentored the youth to ensure they understood how to create opportunities for themselves.