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Chiquita Jackson Enterprise (CJE) is a social impact agency located in Prince George's County, Maryland.

We provide professional development resources to assist underrepresented communities of color in landing competitive roles within their desired industry and develop personalized strategies to alleviate the pressures of the career search process for talented job seekers, rising entrepreneurs, and aspiring talents.

Here at Chiquita Jackson Enterprise, we help our clients optimize their potential through personalized professional development assistance and luxurious event management.

Our goal Is to help our clients Get PAID not PLAYED!


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Learn more about our services:



We approach resumes by not only formatting, but revising, drafting and designing 


Business Development Consulting


Brand & Social Media Consulting


Job Assistance Coaching

We work with our partners to ensure that their entrepreneurship framework is designed for successful optimization.

Your brand creation & identity footprint is just as important to upkeep as your resume and portfolio if you are looking to gain more exposure. We craft your profile to convert!

Two pairs of eyes are always better than one. Get paired with our expert Career Coach to guide you through each step of the job search process.

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Need to get hired or list a job? 

We have the resources to connect you directly to recruiters hiring for open positions. Apply to jobs or list your posting on our job board!

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